Sales Mentor Greg Longstaff.

Your Mentor Greg Longstaff helps sales professionals to master the art of selling.

Welcome to Your Mentor for Business Growth.

Meet Greg Longstaff.

Greg works with companies who require ongoing help with their sales objectives, sales process and sales performance. With one main goal to help move away from one-off transactional sales, to a sales approach that helps increase sales activity and build long-term relationships with new and existing customers. Greg will help your sales team with their telemarketing, meeting preparation, meeting presentations, follow-up and much more.

How to work with Greg. Three-Step Process.

Schedule a call with Greg, so he can learn about your needs and arrange a time to meet with you.


30 minute phone call to connect and answer a short 10 question survey. Followed by deciding to continue the conversation at your place business.


Face to face meetings often help to determine if both parties will be the right fit to work together. Along with discussing you current sales results.


Once Greg has a clear understanding of where you are at and where you want to improve, a formal quote and presentation will be provided.

Proven Success


Areas Greg will cover.

Greg will work with you to assess your sales process, performance levels and strengths and weaknesses. This will provide an opportunity to step back and help identify where to improve. Greg can also help you to go from working in your business to working on your business. With a key focus to target opportunities for growth, identify potential performance improvements, and to see if your company culture is working for you or against you.

Sales Mentoring

How often did you feel you rarely had adequate training with many of the job roles you had when you were in the beginning years of your professional career? If only you had an experienced co-worker of business coach to help you learn faster… You would have saved many months on a steep learning curve and also delivered faster results. Greg is an experienced business sales professional, sales coach and mentor.

Sales Staff Training

Create a goal-driven sales approach that showcases your best results.
Help identify how to convert more sales, cross-sell and upsell.
Improve your sales team skills at every stage of the sales funnel including: potential customer prospecting, enquiry qualifying, quoting, sales meetings, negotiating and closing techniques.
Build a S.M.A.R.T marketing strategy (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely).

Management Training

More often than none, certain industries do not provide enough management training for managers nor do they address concerns expressed by customers. Generally a lot of the business focus is solely on outdated operational procedures and guidelines. Greg can help both management and staff work better and smarter together.

Performance Reviews

A sales performance review program can be implemented by Greg (in an impartial manner). And in conjunction with the sales manager or franchise unit owner. With the aim to ensure the sales staff feel supported and not criticized negatively. This program will help measure sales productivity, goals, performance, and professional development opportunities of each sales person.