About Your Mentor

Your Mentor business owner Greg Longstaff begun working is sales in 1987. Working with many well known companies and Franchise Systems in New Zealand and Australia. Based in Auckland, Greg works with businesses in Auckland Central and South Auckland.

Greg works with managers and sales staff who appreciate on-going sales mentoring, sales training and performance reviews. Weekly or monthly sales training sessions deliver the best results. There is no long-term contract and Greg can work with you for one month to begin with, and for 3 or 6 month periods. His most popular budget is for 2 mornings per week from 9.30 to 12.30 contracted at $720+gst per week.

Your Mentor – Sales Mentoring for Business Growth.

Whether it’s ‘Group Coaching’ or ‘One-on-One Mentoring’ for your sales team, Greg is dedicated to understanding your people. He will assess their work habits, comprehend their goals, and cultivate a healthy working relationship. Striving for maximum effectiveness and productivity. Unlike running open sales training courses and cramming a room with as many salespeople as possible, he brings a hands on and supportive approach. His personable approach consistently yields fast results.

His sales mentoring programs encompass the essential components needed to equip your salespeople with the skills to navigate their day-to-day sales challenges.

The content of Your Mentor sales mentoring material hinges on your unique needs. Recognizing diverse learning styles, and avoiding an ‘off the shelf’ approach. Instead, tailoring content to your business and your people. Placing a premium on a customised approach. With a focus on time, understanding your business and your people to ensure fast results.

While possessing great sales skills and techniques is undoubtedly advantageous for any salesperson, that’s not the end of the story, not by a long shot. How we all conduct ourselves and approach specific situations, will shape us as sales professionals. All Your mentor teachings emphasise the significance of a winning sales formula.

Sales Mentoring Auckland

Why choose Your Mentor

Our success is measured by how much success we can help achieve for your sales people.

Basic Selling:

This program is crafted to empower participants with essential sales skills, enabling them to handle sales calls effectively for generating new leads. It covers the process of managing sales enquiries, emphasising understanding key elements impacting a sale. The program also guides participants on asking the right questions in various sales situations, communicating value beyond pricing, and delivering engaging presentations to enhance closing success.


Targeting phone-based sales, this program provides delegates with tools to handle objections and close effectively, recognizing the unique challenges of converting leads into sales over the phone.

Appointment Selling:

Focused on the entire process of using telephone calls to arrange face-to-face sales appointments, this training program equips participants with the skills necessary to do so effectively and confidently.

Advanced Selling:

Geared towards account managers and sales representatives, this advanced-level training program introduces new and innovative sales techniques, aiming to help them meet client expectations effectively.

LinkedIn Selling:

Addressing one of the most effective methods of generating new sales opportunities, this training program equips staff with the knowledge, skills, and mindset to make high-quality online cold call messaging that yield solid leads and sales opportunities. Emphasis is placed on building a large and targeting LinkedIn network and how to handle objections, increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes.

Field Selling:

Recognizing face-to-face interactions as the most conducive environment for making a sale, this program is designed to help salespeople understand their buyers and adapt their approach accordingly.

Consultative Selling:

This program is designed for those selling ideas, products, and services, emphasising a selling style that prioritises developing sales conversations and fostering long-term, healthy relationships.

Advanced Closing:

Tailored for experienced sales professionals, this program reviews the sales process, identifies the appropriate time to apply a close, and offers insights on how to execute it effectively. Through role-play and shadowing, the program analyses closing techniques, highlighting areas for improvement.

YOur MENTOR Commitment

To develop confident, productive and successful salespeople

We make sales mentoring a rewarding process by working together and giving on-the-job feedback to ensure fast results.

How have the roles of your sales team and managers evolved over the past year?

Developing your team’s proficiency in selling is now more important than ever. As the business landscape rapidly evolves, making meaningful connections and expanding your sales network is key to unlocking new opportunities.

And, what transformations have occurred in the world of your customers and prospects?

At the heart of constructing robust and value-enhancing customer relationships lies consultative selling. Understanding your customer on a profound level, including their market position, competition, and challenges, has become more crucial than ever.

Our expertise

Sales Mentoring For Sales Reps

Sales mentoring is a long-term, relationship-based, and development-focused process that focuses on enhancing the overall sales career, mindset, and potential of a sales rep. Your Mentor business owner Greg Longstaff is a unique sales professional who shares his experience, wisdom, and advice with any sales rep who wants to learn and grow.

Sales Mentoring For Sales Managers

Greg works with many sales managers who need help with training their sales staff. Greg will identify where the business can improve and provide hands on sales manager training. From helping with telephone calls, follow-up work, sales quotes, to getting out on the road and assisting with sales presentations.

Business Mentoring For Directors

Greg also works with many business owners helping in many business areas such as; Review of current sales process. Review of target audience. Recommended sales process action plan. Month and year targets and KPI’s. Management sales training. Mystery Shopping and Satisfactions Surveys.