Vast career spanning from 1987 to 2023 (36 years)

“Greg is totally dedicated to helping us to grow our business and increase our customer base. His enthusiasm for marketing initiatives and new business has contributed to the success of Speedy Signs East Tamaki.”

Brent Neighbour, Owner & Managing Director, Speedy Signs East Tamaki.

“Greg was an amazing sales mentor that gave us good ideas to help grow our business. He was a fantastic support for our business and became a very good friend. I miss working with Greg, he was a great loss to Swimart when he left.”

Ricky-Ann Gold, Director, Swimart Greenlane.

“Greg is a seasoned franchise professional who adds value to franchise business owners with his breadth of skills and knowledge. Experience counts and Greg has it in truck loads.”

Philip Morrison, Managing Director, Franchise Accountants.

“Greg Longstaff is what Gladwell, author of Tipping Point, would call a Maven: “a trusted expert in his particular field, who seeks to pass his knowledge on to others.” Recently I have been following how Greg has been using LinkedIn and he has been kind enough to share some of his insights with me.”

Brenda Cowles, Events & Membership Coordinator, Franchise Association of New Zealand.